Bold leadership is required to end SA’s jobs crisis

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The dual catastrophes of South Africa’s unemployment and economic growth situations can only be met by leadership with a will to make the right but perhaps politically less palatable choices.


Urgent implementation required on positive Sona messages

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President Cyril Ramaphosa gave a positive SONA 2020 with some real plans to deal with our economic problems. The challenge is implementation.


Cyril Ramaphosa’s Sona is the most significant speech since 1994

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It is up to President Cyril Ramaphosa to reinvigorate and inspire confidence in South Africans from all walks of life in his SONA.


Cosatu’s debt bailout proposal for Eskom amounts to nothing more than a free lunch

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SA can’t use public pensions as a convenient piggy bank to bail out our indebted SOEs and avoid fundamental reforms.


The argument against appointing a ‘land tsar’

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Placing land reform in the hands of a government official – a ‘land tsar’ – will only add another layer of policy uncertainty to South Africa’s economic story.